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7 Business Ideas For Fresh Graduates In Nigeria

The labour market in Nigeria is tough and many graduates end up staying at home with their degrees due to unavailability of jobs.

Every year, universities release thousands of Nigerians into the labor force, but there are sadly not enough jobs to go round, so some of them just accept their fate while others seek alternative means of income. In certain cases, there are graduates who think of becoming entrepreneurs but they do not know the type of business they can go into.

Fresh graduates that do not wish to stay idle and become a statistic in the unemployment index can consider any of the following business ideas which will keep you engaged and put money in your bank account.


To be a content creator, you will need a smartphone, laptop/computer, camera (optional) and internet connection.

Any graduate can go into content creation so long as you have accounts on some or all of these social media platforms, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok etc.

Content creators make money through influencing gigs and advertisements, which is also termed Influencer. To be an Influencer, you will need to have a substantial amount of following on platforms, and carve a niche for yourself by either using smart, funny or witty content in any field, to gain popularity.

If you have huge following on your pages, and your posts often garner engagements, you can become an outlet for advertising for very big brands.


For someone who finished from a technical college, you should have basic knowledge of how to fix some electronic devices and gadgets.

There are millions of people in Nigeria who use gadgets and everyday someone’s device develops a fault which needs fixing. You can get paid for repairing phones, iPads, or laptops in Nigeria.


Become a clothe vendor by going to places where outfits are sold cheaply. You can choose to advertise and sell it online if you are not comfortable with selling in open spaces.

The best way to get into this lucrative business is to approach someone who is already into the sale of London-used clothes. Find out much he buys them in bulk, where he gets them from. The sale of second hand clothes commonly called Okrika is also a good business that can fetch you N15,000 to N25,000 daily.

A trader in Garki Area 10, Abuja said he sells one shirt for N1,000, and he has a big bag of clothes with different designs. So if he sells 20 clothes in a day, that means he will be going home with N20,000.

Let’s say you take your N10,000 and buy 10 clothes from him at N1,000 each, you go to a different location and sell yours for N1500, you’ll make N15k in a day. You have N5000 profit and you can use the N10k to go back and buy 10 more clothes.

At the end of the week you would have a profit of N35,000 and by month end, you are taking N140,000 to the bank.


A graphic designer can work for a company or offer services on a freelance basis. If you are good in designing graphics, there are many companies looking for people to design logos, brochures, flyers, event pamphlets, branding, online PR campaigns and so on.

When you complete school and you don’t now what to do, you can use google or social media to search for these firms and market your skills to a number of them.

It’s goof to have a catalogue of quality designs which would be used in your pitch and make sure to create a network of contacts.


Can you use your hand in making finely crafted beads, bangles, sculpture, make fashion accessories and paint beautifully? If yes then you can use that skill to make money.

People love having handcrafted beads or neck pieces to wear with their clothes while going out, so you can produce a variety and use your social media to advertise your works. You can also show the designs to your family, friends and neighbours, and let them know the items are for sale.


Graduating with excellent grades comes with certain peculiarities which is largely untapped. There are people with wonderful degree certificates who are struggling to gain employment. You can take that stellar academic perfomance and brilliant mind and turn it into a money-making mill.

If you are good at subjects that people have difficulty understanding, try to explore homeschooling. There are parents who are looking for tutors that can help their kids excel in school. You can also give tutorial courses to adults who wish to learn a field you are conversant with.

It is good to note that this part would guarantee you steady income if you have the ability to teach people and make them comprehend easily and it also depends on the age range you feel comfortable tutoring.


Selling recharge card in retail is one of the most popular small scale businesses in Nigeria. The National Bureau of Statistics, NBS reported that 222 million Nigerians use mobile phones, and the primary purpose of a phone is to make calls.

What this means is that the importance of airtime cannot be overemphasized. While people now buy airtime online and directly from banks, there is still a good number of Nigerians who buy recharge cards from vendors.

Final Note

For several years Nigerians have joined the labour market without any guidance or idea on what to do with themselves when companies are not willing to employ them. To better navigate through the system, one can be smart and forward-thinking by taking up any of these business ideas. A plus side to starting business is that you can do it at your one pace and you are your own boss.


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