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6 Simple steps to weight loss



Over weight is usually associated with several health complications such hypertension, diabetes, progression of dementia ( progression of loss of thinking, remembering and reasoning skills) , abnormal periods, infertility, sleep apnea and snoring, fatty liver and cirhosis, arthritis and inflamed veins and gout. There are many people that are faced with the issue of being over weight and would really love to lose some of the weight but due to lack of will power give up easily. You can actually lose weight without starving and suffering yourself, experts have advised gradual reduction of weight.

Below are simple steps that will help you

1. Reduce intake of  processed and canned foods

Canned foods at times contains BPA (bisphenol-A), BPA is a chemical that is usually used in containers used in packaging food.Research has shown that the BPA in canned food can move from the can’s lining into the food it contains. BPA has been linked to obesity,it is a well-known endocrine-disrupting chemical that can damage human health by interfering with the body’s hormones . Excess sugar is usually added to some canned foods to give them taste, these sugar has been associated with an increased risk of many diseases, including obesity.
Processed foods are usually associated with indigestion and this usually increases risk for obesity.

2. Increase in fruits and vegetables intake

Fruits and vegetables are low in calories and full of fibers that aids weight loss. Fibers take longer time to digest and this gives a feeling of fullness for long and checks cravings. Instead of juicing out a fruit, take it whole with the fiber because during the process of juicing, fibers are usually lost.

3. Ensure you break your fast every morning

Most people who are over weight thinks that skipping breakfast is on of the best way to lose weight. It is not,rather it make the body to crave for more food making a larger portion of food to be eaten. Research has shown that that people who eat their breakfast have a low body mass index than people who skip their break fast.

4. Cut down large portions of food

Reducing your portions by 10%-20% would help you lose weight. Majority of the servings we get of the portions both in restaurants and at home are way bigger than you need. Try to use measures to get a handle on your usual portion sizes, and work on paring them down. Making use of small plates and cups will give a sense of feeling that the food is plenty.

5. Eat diets with high protein

Make each of your meal to contain a high protein source. Research has been shown that proteins boost metabolism by 80 to 100 calories per day.Diets that are high in proteins can also reduce cravings and obsessive thoughts about food by 60%, reduce the desire for late-night snacking by half, and make you so full that you automatically eat fewer calories per day.

6. Take healthy snacks

There are times where you would need to do snacking,take healthy snacks instead of refined and fattening snacks.Consuming nuts, seeds, corns, granola, apple slices with peanut butter in between your meals gives you a feeling of satisfaction.

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