6 Amazing Health Benefits of Cucumber

6 Amazing Health Benefits of Cucumber

Do you know that cucumber is a fruit and not a vegetable? It grows from the flower of a cucumber plant and develops seeds. It has a soothing taste and gives a refreshing feeling after eating. Cucumber has low amount of calories and does not have any major side effect after consumption. One 11-ounce (300-gram) unpeeled, raw cucumber contains the following : Calories: 45, Total fat: 0 grams, Carbs: 11 grams, Protein: 2 grams, Fiber: 2 grams, Vitamin C: 14% of the RDI, Vitamin K: 62% of the RDI, Magnesium: 10% of the RDI, Potassium: 13% of the RDI, Manganese: 12% of the RDI

Beside cucumber forming a major part of almost all salads, it has amazing health benefits that are listed below;

1. It aids hydration

Drinking water could be a difficult task for some people because they always tend to forget about water. Cucumber is perfect for such situations especially in dry seasons where dehydration can set in easily. Cucumber is made up of 96% of water plus the fact that they don not have calories,they will give you perfect refreshment. Water is important to our body’s function, it plays several important role like temperature regulation and the transportation of waste products and nutrients. Addition of cucumber to salads not only gives it taste but also hydration at the same time.

2. It revitalizes the skin

Cucumbers are rich in minerals that promotes nourishment of the skin. These minerals are magnesium, potassium, and silicon. Due to the hydrating effect of cucumber, it helps in the elimination of bags under the eyes. Placing cucumbers on your eyes and face can show great results. Cucumbers can help your skin grow more resilient and can have a positive effect on your metabolism. Those two can completely improve both your appearance and your eyes. Aging reduces if you eat a cucumber or two on a daily basis.

3. It helps in weight loss

The amazing thing about cucumbers is that they contain almost zero calories. It can be combined with other foods, by adding freshness and flavor to salads, sandwiches and side dishes and may also be used as a replacement for higher calorie foods. This gives an excellent meal with fewer calories.
Also, the high water content of cucumbers could also aid in weight loss as well. An analysis looked at 13 studies including 3,628 people and discovered that eating foods with high water content and low calorie contents was associated with a significant decrease in body weight.

4. It boost the body immune system

Cucumbers contains high levels of antioxidants,these are molecules that block oxidation, a chemical reaction that forms free radicals.Build up of these harmful free radicals can lead to several types of chronic illness like cancer, heart, lung and autoimmune diseases.The most remarkable vitamins in cucumber are vitamins A, B, and C which are antioxidants. This is an ultimate combination.These antioxidants may reduce the risk of these conditions. A study conducted on cucumbers discovered that they contain flavonoids and tannins, which are two groups of compounds that are especially effective at blocking harmful free radicals. If you take them in sufficient quantities, you’ll notice a big improvement on your immune system. The vitamins in cucumber are very concentrated

5. It promotes bowel regularity

Eating cucumbers regularly may help to promote regular bowel movements.One of the major risk factor for constipation dehydration because it can change the water balance of the body and make the passage of stool difficult.High content of water in cucumbers promote hydration. Staying hydrated can improve stool consistency, prevent constipation and help maintain regularity. Also, cucumbers contain soluble fiber,pectin, which helps regulate and increase bowel movements.

6. It removes toxins from the body

Water aids the body cells and muscles function and removes toxins from the body. Because cucumbers have high water content, they will have no problem making your body a healthier place. Apart from getting rid of toxins, cucumbers have a distinct ability to battle kidney stones. Various studies show that people suffering from kidney stones get immediate relief from consumption of cucumber.