50 facts about Adamawa state you should know

50 facts about Adamawa state you should know

Check out 50 facts gathered by CorrectNG about Adamawa state

1. Adamawa is a state in Nigeria
2. Capital is Yola.
3. Continent: Africa (AF)
4. Longitude: 12.5

5. Latitude: 9.33333
6. Elevation (GTOPO30): 232
7. Population: 3,737,223
8. Place Code: 35

9. It was created in August 27, 1991
10. Adamawa have four administrative divisions: Adamawa, Ganye, Mubi and Numan.
11. Area: 36,917 km2 (14,254 sq mi)
12. Time zone UTC+1 (GMT)

13. The major occupation of the people is farming
14. Their cash crops are cotton and groundnuts
15. Their food crops include maize, yam, cassava, guinea corn, millet and rice.
16. Adamawa State falls within the north-east geopolitical zone

17. Slogan: Land of beauty, sunshine, and hospitality
18. The tertiary institution in the states include:Federal University of Technology, Yola (Futy), Adamawa State University, Mubi, Abti-American University Nigeria, Yola (AAUN), Federal Polytechnic, Mubi, Adamawa State Polytechnic, Yola, Federal College of Education, Yola, College of Education, Hong, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Yola, School of Health Technology, Michika, College of Legal Studies, Yola, College of Agriculture, Ganye
19. Adamawa State is the eighth-largest Nigerian state
20. It is bordered by the states of Borno to the northwest, Gombe to the west and Taraba to the southwest. Its eastern border forms the national eastern border with Cameroon.

21. There are 21 Local Government Area
22. Topographically, it is a mountainous land crossed by the large river valleys
23. The village communities living on the banks of the rivers engage in fishing while the Fulanis are cattle rearers.
24. The state has a network of roads linking all parts of the country.

25. The rulers bear the title of emir (“lamido” in the local language, Fulfulde).
26. Adamawa State is located some 792.3 km east of Nigeria‘s capital city of Abuja
27. It is made up of about 60 ethnic groups and languages
28. It is dominated by tribes like the Fulani and the Bachama

29. Hausa is the language used for business aside the English language.
30. Adamawa State is home to the headquarters of two indigenous churches, the Church of the Brethren in Nigeria (EYN Church) with its headquarters in Mubi in the northern zone of the state, and the Lutheran Church of Christ in Nigeria (LCCN Church)
31. Football team: Adamawa United F.C.
32. The River Benue divides Adamawa State into almost two equal halves

33. Yola had served as the seat of the then Adamawa Province from the colonial era to 1976.
34. The name “Adamawa” came from the founder of the kingdom, Modibo Adama, a regional leader of the Fulani Jihad organized by Usman dan Fodio of Sokoto in 1804.
35. The 3 senatorial districts of Adamawa state are: Adamawa North, Adamawa South, Adamawa Central
36. Points of Interest: Three Sisters Hill – three hills that stand side by side

37. The climatic type is that of the Tropical Continental North characterized by the Sudan Savannah Zones and the Tropical Hinterland by the Northern and Southern Guinea Zones
38. There are two distinct seasons, the wet season, which starts from April to October and the dry season from November to April
39. The mean annual rainfall for the Savannah zones in the North is between 750- 850mm and 14001600mm for the Guinea zones in the South.
40. The wettest months are July – August while the driest periods, are March -May. The mean annual temperature is 27° -28°c in the Savannah and 18 -27°c for the Guinea Zones.

41. There is an International Airport and a petroleum depot at Yola, the capital.
42. More than 40 different hotels are also found in Yola some of which are of International standard that offer first class services
43. There are abundant deposits of mineral ore in the state such as marble, mercury, zinc, emerald, diamond, limestone, coal, tin, ruby,graphite etc
44. Festivals such as the Njuwa Fishing Festival which holds at Lake Njuwa in Yola town and the Yinagu fishing festival at Michika attract people within and outside the state from the month of March through May each year.

45. Christianity is a major religion in Nigerian Adamawa State
46. Adamawa has a zoo in Jimeta
47. Yola has the first airport in Nigeria as well as first town to have electricity.
48. There is an airport with regular flights to Abuja and Lagos.

49. Some notable names: Mohammed Bello, Atiku Abubakar, Babachir David Lawal, Nuhu Ribadu, Aisha Buhari
50. The state also has four media houses – the ABC, ATV, FRCN, NTA and most recently, Gotel LTD.