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5 Nigerian male personalities whose rise to fame made them overnight celebrities



For some celebs, becoming famous has taken years and years of hard work in their chosen careers but thanks to instagram, some people have experience a fast rise to fame with their consistent handwork and contents.

Below are 5 Nigerian male personalities whose rise to fame made them overnight celebrities

5. Samuel Perry

Samuel Perry aka Broda shaggi is a very popular a popular Nigerian comedian on Instagram & facebook known for his catch phrase “Oya hit me”. Shaggi was born and brought up in Lagos State, Nigeria. Broda Shaggi whose real name is Samuel Animashaun is a new comic sensation on the social media trending which everybody is feeling and can’t get enough of because of his funny comedy skits. ‘Broda Shaggi is popularly known for his character as a neighborhood street rascal , he is popularly called Agbero and his comments on every issue in the country or his immediate environment is so hilarious that it can make you laugh and cry at the same time. Broda Shaggi officially gained massive recognition after the release of Jesus appeared in Mushin comedy skit . In the skit Shaggi was asked by Aunty shaggi what he would do if Jesus appeared in that area, he said he will mobilize area boys to hold him, take him to Quilox buy him some drink and collect some money from him.

Broda Shaggi portrayed himself as an area boy in Yoruba setting in that video. The comedy skit went viral in social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and it was even shared on Whatsapp. The skit gained thousands of views and comments on YouTube and Facebook, that was how he become very famous.

4. Sydney Egbere

Sydney Egere, popularly known as Sydney Talker, is a Nigerian Instagram sensation whose hilarious comedy skits have earned him a place in the entertainment industry. Sydney Talker came into the limelight in 2016 when he released “The Poor Power Supply” comedy skit. He is known for his distinct facial expressions which earned him the nickname ‘Mr. Bean of Nigeria’.  The white towel, Sydney talker’s has a huge social media following with over 1 million followers on Instagram and half a million on YouTube and twitter respectively. He has sometime been bashed severally for promoting sexual harassment in his comedy skits.  Sydney is an Edo state boy but was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. He has featured in Comedy skits with several Comedians including Nastyblaq. Sydney Talker’s net worth is an estimated $100,000 as he doubles as a comedian and MC.

3. Zion Ubani

Zion Ubani popularly known as zfancy is a Nigerian prankster, Comedy maker, Video Creator and Social Experimenter, who is known for his TV channel, Zfancy TV on Youtube. He grew up in Lagos state but originally hails from Abia State. He was raised by Igbo parents in Lagos state where he had both his secondary school and tertiary education. Zfancy pranks are popular for their realistic experience and how they are conducted. Most popular zfancy pranks on youtube include the Scorpion Prank , Picking up naija girls with body guards and his latest fake wizkid prank. He has landed in police net several times for pranking people who did not find it funny. Zfancy makes videos showing him pranking people in the most ridiculous ways! You always start the videos with worry, worry that his subjects may react violently, but everything always works out in the end.

2. Emmanuel Ogonna

Emmanuel Ogonna Iwueke aka Crazeclown or Papa Ade is a comedian who became famous for his comedy skits on Instagram and YouTube. He is also an MC and has hosted a lot of comedy shows and music concerts. He became popular thanks to his short comedy skits on Instagram and YouTube.  His first appearance was in 2013 with his YouTube skits. He is one of the most followed Nigerians on Instagram. He is now one of the biggest Instagram comedy actors in Nigeria. CrazeClown audience consists of various types of people of different ages and demography. He is joined by comedian Kehinde Solomon also known as shortman, Tega Akpobome popularly known as Ade in the African father and son comedy skits.

1. Josh Alfred

Nigerian Comedian, Chibuike Josh Alfred, popularly known as Josh 2 Funny and Madam Felicia, who is known for remaking songs with his “awkwardly” comedic tunes, has opened up on his career. He has found mainstream success and even transitioned into acting. He is widely recognized for creating original skits and posting them on his josh2funny Instagram account. Josh has a signature dress word which makes his character funnier.

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