40-year-old youth president found hanging from tree in Bayelsa

The youth President of Polaku Community, Yenagoa Local Government Area of Bayelsa State, Rapheal Ebezpeke, has reportedly hanged himself.

The 40-year-old father of two was found dead hanging from a rope tied to a tree in the community bush on Monday, February 5 2024.

It was gathered that he had been battling with mental-related issues before the sad incident that threw the community into mourning occurred.

Sources claimed that the deceased, allegedly killed himself after issuing several warnings that he was going to kill himself because of unseen forces threatening to take his life.

A source said; “Raphael usually talks about unseen forces trailing his life and trying to kill him. There was a time in January when he also ran out of the house into the same bush, but later he came back to the house.

“The deceased was in the house and suddenly ran out and started screaming, ‘they want to kill me, they want to kill me’ by the time we could trace him to the bush, we saw him hanging on the tree.”

Meanwhile, a youth leader in Gbarain community, who confirmed the death said he was counseling Raphael because he was often spotted with those who engage in drug abuse.

“Unfortunately, we lost Raphael. I know he had some mental issues, so I used to personally counsel him and introduce him to a healthy lifestyle. Whenever we see him with some persons associated with hard drugs, we also caution him to desist from such persons.

“He was always saying there were people after his life, and they wanted him dead. On whether it was murder and not suicide, we don’t think it was murder and we haven’t also suspected anybody, but he might have taken his life. What a pity!” he said.