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4 Nigerian celebrities accused of being gay



I bet you must have been thrown into shock to hear some of your favorite celebrities accused of being gay. Celebrities like Alex Ekubo, KCee, Uti etc have one time come under fire and accused of practicing homosexuality.

However, there are some few artist who this accusation keeps revolving around. No matter how hard they try to clear their names, the accusation keeps coming back.

Below is 4 Nigerian celebrities accused of being gay

4. Denerele

Denrele is a Nigerian television host, whose work has been recognized with awards including The Best TV Personality at the NEAs in NewYork 2011. Denrele is known for his fashion style and personality. His style has been described as “punk and fun”. He channels both the dress sense of a man and woman incorporated it into a brand. Denerele dress sense has helped fuel the rumor that he is gay. Although he has come out a million times to deny this accusations, fans still wont let sleeping dogs lie.

3. Bobrisky

Bobrisky is arguably Nigerians internet personality who is known as a prominent transgender woman in Nigeria, a country with no LGBT rights. She is also known for her presence on the social media app Snapchat and Instagram. Even with a private page, Bob has been able to dominate in the social media space. Bobrisky has remained a sensational topic for many, especially when the issue of homosexuality is raised. Also, Bobrisky’s feminine nature and frequent talks about having a mysterious male lover which she has often referred to as ‘bae’ has led many to conclude that Bobrisky is gay, an accusation that she has denied so many times in the media. Bobby might have in the past claimed to have indulged in the practice to promote her cosmetic products, but has now come to clarify things that she isn’t a cross-dresser but a transwoman and so wishes to be seen and respected as such.

2. Ik Ogbonna

Ikechukwu Mitchel Ogbonna, also known as IK Ogbonna, is a Nigerian film and television actor, Model, Director and TV Personality. Ik has being accused of being gay countless times by Nigerians. This allegations leveled up when his wife left him. He and other members of their crew “Chop Life Gang” are rumored to be gay men. Tonto Dikeh, during their beef took to Instagram to call out Ik whom she claims is a gay and perpetual beggars in the entertainment industry in Nigeria. Ogbonna, had once been accused on social media for the same gay allegation. He was accused by a UK based instagramer named Bold Pink. However, IK Ogbonna filed a lawsuit Bold Pink in retaliation to her video.

1. Charly Boy

Charly Boy or Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa, is a Nigerian singer/songwriter, television presenter, publisher, producer and one of Nigeria’s most controversial entertainers, best known for his alternative lifestyle, political views, and media productions, most notably The Charly Boy Show. Due to his countless piercing and sexual oriental, Charly has come under fire countless under the accusation that he is gay.

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