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4 important tips to note while preparing for your U.S visa interview



So you’ve been accepted into your dream school to study Masters or Bachelor’s degree in the United State of America. By now you probably know all that there is to know because you’ve read articles online or your agent might have briefed you on how to ace your interview.

No matter how prepared you are for your visa interview, there are four possible things that might lead to your visa getting denied.

1. Course of study

This issue affects people whose bachelor’s degree is totally different from the degree that intend to study. A good example is when you studied Engineering as an undergraduate degree and you are applying to study Economics as a master degree.  Most consular are keen on knowing why you made that switch. Failure on your part to give them a tangible reason will lead to your visa getting denied. The U.S consular might have the impression that you just want to migrate to the United States. Should you be on this category, my advice is, come up with a convincing reason on why your visa should be approved.

2. Why you choose your course of study

Your answers be futuristic. You should be able to tell the consular why you choose that course of study and the impact it would have in Nigerian economy.

3. Why you choose a particular University

You should be able to give the consulate reasons why you choose that university, and if you applied to more than one university, you should also be able to tell them why you choose that uni out of others. Failure to give a convincing reason is bye bye to your visa.

Truth is, the feel majority of Nigerians migrate using study visa, to curb this, and you must show that you made an in-depth research about your school, faculty and course of study.


4. Sponsor/Bank statement

To prevent issues on this part, make sure your sponsor is either your father, mother or elder siblings. Anyone bearing same surname as you is also a good idea. Your parents or siblings should also have a reasonable amount of money in their bank account and that account must be active within 6 months to your visa interview.

The United States of America consulate will find a hard time approving any other sponsors, let say your uncle, aunt etc. the questions that follow when you present a bank statement like this can sometimes throw you off balance. Should your sponsor be uncle or aunt, prepare yourselves with good reasons on why your uncle/aunt is choosing to sponsor your studies abroad. What they do for a living etc.

Aside this four listed questions, every other questions that will follow would be a walk through.  I wish you the best of luck.

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