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4 business you can start with as low as 50,000



It takes courage and dedication to start your own business, not really funds as we all think. While looking at the booming industries year by year can be tempting, it’s also a good idea to look to your strengths. Starting your own business on the side is one of the most powerful ways to take control of your life and make extra money month after month.

You can start your own business on the side with just a few hours a week and no experience even if you have a full-time job.

Looking for a business to start with as low as 50k, then read on

4. Props (fur, light box)

Thanks to the trending new online sales photography game, props are the latest new thing. You don’t even need 50k to start this business. You can start with as low as 30k and make over 200k minus your startup capital. Cinematic light box and fur rugs are really lucrative business to start with as low as 50k

3. Bags 

Bags are always in demand. A lady can have more than 5 tote bags in her cupboard at any time. The fashion business is a striving business, but if you start your own business with accessories such as purses and bags, you may be able to get your foot in the fashion door. With as low as 50k, you can buy directly from the manufacturers and by selling retail, you make a larger profit per item sold. Whether you run an online-only store or have a physical store, selling bag is one business you can start with as low as 50k. 

2. Clothes

Whether thrift or new, 50k can land you good first batch of wears. clothes is one lucrative and profit yielding business. Selling clothes online is easier than ever – there are now apps and services that have streamlined the process so even if you’re a newbie to the game, you can start making cash instantly. If you are willing to put in some work, you could be sitting on a gold mine. It really profitable selling trendy and fashionable clothes as they are always in high demand.

1. Perfume oil

With just 20k, you can get your perfume business started. Another business leading the trend in the Nigerian SMEs space is the sales of perfume or fragrance oils. The use of these beautifully scented aromas started trending and people are cashing out by buying wholesale, to resell in smaller bottles. It is an ideal business to venture into, as it requires low capital to start. Repeated sales are guaranteed since they are beautiful fragrances at pocket-friendly prices. Also, it is a business that does not require renting a shop. 

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Stan

    January 13, 2020 at 9:05 pm

    I’m interested in the bag and clothing. In your write up, you mentioned buying directly from the manufacturer, how do I go about that?

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