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25 powerful Reno Omokri nuggets



Reno Omokri, a former media aide to ex-president Goodluck is known for sharing what he refers to as ‘nuggets’ on his social media handles. His nuggets are powerful quotes that both the young and the old can learn from.

Reno is a Lawyer and author, he is also a known vocal critic of the current APC/Buhari led government.

Check out 25 of his powerful nuggets:

Having plenty kids in the hope that one of them will get rich and lift you out of poverty, is like playing the lottery. Yes, you can win the lottery. But your chances are slim or none. And there are millions, like you, fighting for that slim chance

Don’t hold your degree as precious. Hold the knowledge the degree certifies, as precious. When you hold your degree precious, you look to it to get you a job. But when you hold your knowledge precious, it will equip you to create a job for yourself

Too many people block their progress by telling everyone their business. Keep your plan to your chest, or you will feel pain in that chest. Nobody should know your next move, or your next move may be the cemetery. Blow your trumpet, not your plans!

The only thing the super rich do in bank is take loans to fund their projects. When you read that @JeffBezos
is worth $116 billion, none of that money is in banks. It is in assets. To be rich, move your money from savings into investment assets

When you marry at the wrong time, even the right person becomes the wrong one. You have a woman who loves you. You have no job or business. Yet you marry. After a year of suffering, she starts to nag. It doesn’t make her wrong. The timing was wrong

Thinking you are too busy to pray before leaving home is foolishness. Pray before leaving home or you may fall prey after leaving home. Prayer sharpens you so you use less labour and more favour. A day of favour achieves more than a year of labour

Skills now matter more than degrees. A man with Masters in Literature, or History, or such humanities, isn’t in as high demand as a fashion designer, a coder, or skilled motor mechanic in today’s world. If it sounds brutal, it‘s because it’s true!

Don’t finish your enemies with malice. Finish them with your success. Let your success shine so brightly that they need sunglasses when in your presence. Don’t let them make you pitiful. You can’t be pitiful and powerful at the same time. Dominate

Until Christ returns, every man’s story will end with ‘he died of’. Don’t worry about death. Something must kill you. Leave death to sort itself. Focus on life. Achieve great things. You are already dead if you are alive and live in fear of death!

It is NOBODY’s duty to tell a husband or wife that they saw their spouse in a compromising situation. Marriage is a holy union blessed by God to the exclusion of ALL OTHERS. Mind your business. Don’t invite curses into your life with your big mouth

When you want to punish your haters, don’t go and plot their downfall. It is stupidity to plot the downfall of a man that is already down. In fact, you are going down to take them down. Simply succeed. Nothing hurts your haters like your success!

If your village people hate you so much, and are as powerful as you think, how come they could not kill you while you were in your mother’s womb? The only power your village people have over you is your strong belief that they have power over you

Saving money in banks is like managing your poverty. Managed poverty is still poverty. No bank on Earth will give you interest rates much higher than the inflation rate. Instead invest your money. Buy forex. Buy land. Buy shares. Don’t buy poverty!

It is hard to escape poverty, when you marry during your poverty. It gets even harder when you add a child. It becomes almost impossible when you add multiple children in your poverty. Finish carrying yourself before you attempt to carry others

What happened when God wanted to create Earth? Genesis 1:2 says His Spirit hovered over the void. That was like thinking. Next He spoke. Then Earth was created. Even today, the principle hasn’t changed. Your thoughts and words create your own world

You are looking at your neighbour’s greener grass, unbeknownst to you, your grass is already greener than that of most people on Earth. As long as you are comparing, there will always be someone who has it better than you. Be content, or be bitter!

Never call anyone who is older than you by their first names upon first meeting them, no matter how ‘woke’ you are. Wait for them to give you that privilege. If they don’t, don’t presumptuously take the privilege. Good manners open very big doors!

God said we should keep ourselves free from love of money, not that we should keep ourselves free from money. Failure to understand or manage money isn’t spirituality. It is stupidity. God wants us to do good. How much good can we do without money?

Wisdom is the ability to discern differences. If you don’t look well, you can mistake plantain for banana. A demon can pretend to be an angel, but an angel can’t pretend to be a demon. It is why discernment is necessary before jumping into marriage

₦1 million saved in 2015 was worth $8000. In 5 years, your bank gave you ₦500,000 in interests. Now your ₦1,500,000 is worth $3800. Who did you save? The bank, or your self? Don’t save money. Save your future! Invest wisely. Dont save foolishly!

Money does not make the world go round. That is a lie of the devil. Love does not make the world go round. That is a romantic exaggeration. However, money makes life worthwhile. And money makes love sweet. Therefore, go and make money legally!

It is BETTER to be saved, than to have money, love, and power. However, it is BEST to be saved and in addition to your salvation, still have money, love, and power. Nowhere in Scripture does it say you can have one or the other. You can have both!

Forgive and forget, will always end in forgive and regret. Nowhere does Scripture teach that ridiculous idea. Many people don’t know what forgiveness means. It means you surrender your right to avenge yourself to God. It does not mean you forget!

Dear men,
If you see traits you admire in others, replicate it in yourself. If you see beauty trait you admire in women, don’t chase them. Instead, replicate them in your wife. Doing so ensures physical and spiritual growth in you and your wife

The best answer to ‘I urgently need 5k’ is as follows:
If it is true that you urgently need 5k, you won’t be texting me with a phone that is worth more than 5k.
It is good to be cool, but it is not good to be a fool! Don’t be nice. Be wise!

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