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24-year-old Nigerian man who builds scale model cars, bikes with aluminium seeks support



A Nigerian man identified as Nzei Ekenechukwu, has been hailed for demonstrating rare innovative talent.

The native of Delta state builds scale model sports cars and power bikes using mostly aluminum parts.

His amazing talent was spotlighted by a Twitter user known Usman Haruna, who revealed that Ekene asked relevant authorities and Nigerians to support him to be a large scale innovator.

The young man has been making prototype cars, bikes and other gadgets with his hand from his primary school days.

Asides from motorbikes and cars, he also builds bicycles.

Haruna shared photos of some of Ekenechukwu’s finished designs and they are very beautiful to behold.

He wrote; ”Meet 24 year old from Delta State who builds scale model full aluminium body cars and bikes, which are all handmade.

In an exclusive conversation with me, Ekenechukwu told me he had been building stuff since his primary school days.

He says, “I had a passion for creating when I was in primary school. Since then I’ve been making different types of cars not just cars but many things.

“I can move from creating only a scale model to building a big version that can be used by Nigerians, and the whole world if I have the right support and material that I need.”

See the more pictures:

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In reaction, tweep @UnletteredPoet said; Good attempt and zeal from the young man. But this is far from being a prototype and does not represent 21st century engineering in anyway. I hope he finds a mentor and also attend a college to explore his potentials.

@Axelkings47; Once he sees a platform he would deliver, that is why people should be judged with what they make from what they have access to. Making lemonades out of lemon.

@orissonline; I just noticed the car and bike is a small scale model shot and zoomed on a table. Now that’s a sort of emotional damage from my initial thoughts and excitement.

@OCHENGO2; Do they move….drive?

@SundayS59394381; Brain drain loading 🤕

@Tweet_espy; This are the leaders of tomorrow

@Kingbanuba; NIGERIA can rule the world only if talents like these are nurtured and promoted. But our greatest enemy is bad leadership.

@Shamelesswrite1; Finland would be on their way to Nigeria laidis. Since our dear Country no fit do nothing

@NdukweCharlesN3; Only a country like Nigeria will fail to encourage such a bundle of talent

@Ifenna_Dcapitan; Wow!! This country is filled with talented individuals 🏆🏆🏆

@mizchievousbabe; Imagine if we had a working government and system!!! See talent!

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