24-year-old lady cries out after abroad returnee scammed she and her friend

A Nigerian lady simply known as Tinuke, has shared her distasteful experience after meeting an abroad-based man she was chatting with online.

The 24 year old woman said they had been talking since August 2023, and he claimed to be a nurse in Dublin, Ireland, only for him to scam she and her friend when he landed in Nigeria.

He returned to Nigeria in November and invited she and her friend to spend a week with him at a hotel. The man asked them to come with plenty cash which he will borrow and refund them later, since he does not have an ATM card.

Tinuke who shared her story with IG influencer, Omowunmi, said she went along with N57,000 while her friend took N70,000, but things took a negative turn when they were eating at a restaurant and the guy excused himself to go to the hotel room.

In her words; “Beware of fake IJGBs o! This guy and my friend had been talking since August. He claimed to be a Nurse in Dublin. He came around in November and invited us to spend a week in the hotel as he’d booked a room for us. He asked, d us to come along with plenty cash because he planned to borrow it and transfer it back to us since he doesn’t have an ATM card.

I took N57k from my thrift business, while my friend took N70k. At the hotel restaurant, he ordered plenty of food for us. While eating, he said he needed to go to the room and asked us to bring our belongings so he could drop them for us. Without hesitation, we gave him everything except our phones. He left and came back saying he needed my friend’s iPhone 13 PM to make a call, which she gave to him. He took too long and we became worried.

I realized my iPhone 12 Pro Max had disappeared too when I tried to call her phone. We quickly told the hotel manager, and he said the guy hadn’t booked any room and that he hadn’t paid for anything we ate, which totaled N105k. Ahhhh!! They detained us because we couldn’t pay. I called my dad, and he said I should enjoy my Christmas and New Year in jail since I don’t know how to stay at home. My friend’s brother came to our rescue after 3 days. That boy that scammed us will never go abroad. Amen!”