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2023: Just like we did for Davido, we need to pick a fresh presidential candidate and support him financially till he wins – Nazo Caleb



Crypto expert and CEO of Alfred Management Concept, Nazo Caleb has said that Nigerian youths should rally round and choose a presidential candidate for the 2023 election and replicate the monetary challenge donation done for music star, Davido.

According to Nazo, the millions which Davido received with 24 hours is a lesson Nigerians can learn from and apply to politics.

He said the citizens can suggest a person to be presented as the people’s candidate, crowdfund for his campaign and support him to ensure he wins.

Taking to his social media page, the young man who manages comedian Josh2funny said the movement needs to start immediately.

He wrote; ”I love what is happening with the Davido thing. Can we suggest one persons For 2023 presidential election and we start crowdfunding and raise a huge capital and fund his campaign and push him to win.

We can do this, and we need to start now!”

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