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2-year-old girl left alone at home sets fire that completely burnt down the building where her parents rented an apartment while playing with a matchbox



A two year old girl has burnt down a building where her parents rented a one room apartment at Umutu community, Ukwuani Local Government Area, Delta State.

According to the report posted on social media, the little girl who was alone in their one room was playing with a matchbox. She struck a match which ignited the clothes in the room which also has a gas cooker.

Being afraid, she ran outside and closed their door with the fire burning inside. Neighbours only got to know there was fire when it was already too late.

Read the post below as it was reported on Facebook by a resident of the community;


The house belonging to Mr Augustine a.k.a (AU), located opposite Platform Petroleum Company – sharing  boundary with Engr Amaziah Walter Otunyo’s company in Umutu, was razed by fire.

According to Mr AU, his last born – a little girl of 2 named Victory – had set the house ablaze thinking it was play as usual.

It’s natural for parents to worry when leaving kids without supervision. This little girl was reportedly playing with safety matches inside their one room apartment in the building when the incident happened. She struck a match stick and dropped on clothes in the room very close to a cooking gas.

Instead of raising an alarm, she locked their burning room and ran away. The raging fire was only noticed by other tenants when it started spreading to other rooms. They raised alarm which attracted neighbors for rescue but it was too late to get it quenched.

Furniture, money, electronics, food stuff and other household items were destroyed. One of the tenants who is a carpenter lost everything in his showroom to the fire disaster.


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