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2 Benue State University students abandoned their weddings halfway to write final exams in wedding gowns



Two final Year students of the Benue State University abandoned their wedding ceremonies halfway and went to write their final exams as their paper clashed with their weddings.  The two students who according to reports are in the Mass Communication department of the University shocked students and officials as they showed up in the exam venue in their wedding gowns.

According to reports, the two Mass Communications students wrote their last examination, Com 402: Media Law and Ethics, in their wedding gowns today and were placed together to write the exam.[AdSense-A]

See photos below;

Several people are already reacting to the pictures on social media; Read below,

Their children will be so serious with sch ehn, they should finish on time m craving for wedding rice abeg

What students go through in this country to get that Damn certificate though. And in the end, you won’t find any job. When you finally find one. They’ll offer you 30k a month.. I’m tired of Nigeria. I swear

That is nice. They in for 2 exams in a day. They will get a certificate immediately today in one while they have to wait for d other to come out later. But may i ask a question here? Are they using uniforms in the school?

Women that marry in school and are pregnant during NYSC 👏🙌🙌…I don’t know how you do it

So they can’t wear another outfit and change immediately after d exam. You have made it to the media, clap for yourselves 🙄🙄🙄

It’s obvious a lot of people have forgotten that final year students of nowadays make customized tops and possibly put it on there final exam. Happy married life to the ladies. They obviously value education and didn’t give chance to an EXTRA YEAR. Good one.

A country that can’t just have a flexible educational system..these ladies can write the exams later, but no they must do it now or have carry over.. even Harvard university will give exceptions but our hard life mentality won’t allow us..well it’s my 2cents 🚶🏼🚶🏼🚶🏼

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