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19-year-old girl who went missing seven years ago reunites with family (Photos/Video)



Sadiya Idris, a 19-year-old girl who was declared missing in 2013, has suddenly returned to her home in Kaduna, seven years later.

The teenager revealed what transpired during her 7 years away from home.

Questions are being asked and speculations are being made regarding her disappearance and sudden reappearance after many years as everyone who knew her, wants to know what happened.

Investigations revealed that she was taken in by a pastor identified as Jonah Gangas who is currently in police custody.

Speaking in an interview with Legit, Idris disclosed that she ran away when she was twelve because she did not experience the love of a mother so she decided to stay on her own.

While she was wandering, she ran into a man whom she approached for help. The man took her to a pastor who took her in and converted her to a Christian. She was enrolled in a school in Jos and ended up living there.

The young girl said she could not really tell what made her leave the house. Becoming a Christian was not a forced decision according to her. The pastor upon meeting her did not report her case to the police neither did he try reuniting her with her family.

During the course of the interview, Abubakar Awwal, the chairman of the complaints and response unit, chipped in a few facts.

He stated that the issue of the girl’s disappearance and reappearance should not be swept under the ground.

According to him, the pastor might have had good intentions but he did not take the right steps which ought to have been followed in such a sensitive case. Awwal said his office only came into the matter after she returned to her family, however, he believes there was a violation of rights.

Watch the full video:

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