18-yr-old girl apologizes to male friend for falsely accusing him of raping her

An 18-year-old girl, Nkechi Bella Nwoko, has apologized to her male best friend after she threatened to publicly accuse him of raping her.

The guy, Ebuka Richard Osita, earlier raised alarm online saying that she accused him of rape and said that she ‘jokingly’ said that she will make it public.

According to Ebuka, it all started in 2021 when she made advances him but he turned her down, so she decided to threaten him.

He said that he could not be intimate with Bella because they grew up together and he had always seen her as a kid sister.

The 24-year-old man said the matter came up again last week after he asked her to refund the money she owed him, then she decided to try and silence him by saying she will tell people that he raped her.

Following his post, Bella shared a video where she was apologising and noted that she regrets trying tarnish his image with the rape allegation.

But Ebuka insisted that she wants her to be arrested and prosecuted so it will serve as a deterrent to other women like her.

He wrote; “This woman accused me of rape because I turned her down, all false rape accusers should serve the same jail term as actual rapists. She tried to ruin my life and I want the Nigeria Police Force to do the right thing.

Many innocent men are in prison because of women like this, I need her in jail!! because if the tables were turned i’d be in fxxking prison right now.”

Watch her apology video below: