15-yr-old girl receives 50-inch TV from boyfriend as anniversary gift

A 15-year-old girl has received a 50-inch flat screen TV from her boyfriend in celebration of their anniversary.

Her elder sister took to her Twitter account @lulnille to inform peeps of the boyfriend’s romantic gesture towards her sibling.

She said the young couple were marking their one year dating anniversary and he decided to surprise his babe with a Roku TV.

@lulnille shared a photo of the TV set when it arrived and expressed awe because of the type of gift that was sent to her sister.

She wrote; “Mind yall my lil sister is 15 and her boyfriend came 50 inch Roku TV for they 1 yr anniversary.”

Mixed reactions greeted her post as some netizens were of the opinion that her sister was too young to be in a romantic relationship and receive that type of gift.

See the post:

@esoanwan commented; What’s a 15 yo doing with a 50 inch TV??

@Asanele20729203; Is a 15 year old not under age, for dating. 1 year anniversary that means she started dating at 14. Times have changed

@thatYORUBAneega; the TV goes for less than $250. coulda worked for it, coulda stolen for it, they spend more on sneakers in the US. so I get him being able to afford it. what’s weird is being cool with a 14yo having a bf, and being fine with her bf doing this. how old is he?

@ThrashthatKoko; A 15 year old can have a boyfriend and probably also do things and have a baby but when we say let them get married ppl say they are too young to consent.

@Mzz_venomous; 15yrs n 1 yr anniversary.. could never be in my family down here in this generation. 15 them books gonna be your bf until u start making your own money.

@tjthearchitect; She’s 15 and u bragging about a boyfriend. Then a tv then they doing it big? What is wrong with the so called sistas. Where they getting this from and why u bragging about a child in a relationship. SMH sick

Meanwhile, Nollywood actress, Magaret Olayinka, also known as Iya Gbonkan, recently got her first car, from a UK-based film promotions, Alexes.

This came few weeks after she lamented about not being able to afford one despite a longstanding career in the movie industry.

Mustapha Jayeola, who presented the car on behalf of Alexes Promotions, in Ibadan, said the motive behind the gesture was to encourage her as a legend in the film industry.

Jayeola said; “When we contacted Mama, she said she wanted a car because she is tired of going to locations through commercial motorcycle and public transport. We contacted Alexes Promotions in the UK and she said we should look for a good car for Mama.

”We contacted her immediately when we saw this car, and she paid the money in under 30 minutes yesterday (Wednesday). It was a surprise because we didn’t even tell her that we are presenting her with a car. So, she was so excited when she saw the car here in Ibadan.”

A video which made the rounds on social media captures the moment the 64-year-old was presented with the vehicle.

She happily jumped into the driver’s seat and took a few poses. Iya Gbonkan then blessed her benefactor for making her a car owner.