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11 things to note about NYSC orientation camp



Every graduate look forward to serving their fathers land. The thought of wearing NYSC crested vest and khaki is exciting. However, there are few thing that I believe this present set of corpers in camp are experiencing in camp. It might sound funny but it a fact.

1. Kits given to you might not be your size, you either swap or manage. During my service year, NYSC gave me a size 36 jungle boot and size 44 white canvas. It was easy getting someone to swap jungle boot with, but the white canvas was history because no one wanted it. Luckily for me, I came with my own white canvas. So it was a win win for me. As for my uniform, well, I had to work on it because it was extra-large. So i’ll advice you get to camp early enough so as to get a small size as most times the small sizes are given to people who come early.

2. Pack wisely, get a mini bag for your panties and toiletries. Your luggage should be organized by all means because it would be ransacked by soldiers while searching for restricted items. Having a well-organized luggage will save you the stress when rearranging.

3. Most camps don’t have toilets, even the ones with toilets get pretty messed up. So get ready to improvise.

4. If you want a good bed space/bunk. Then be prepared to get to camp early. The early birds usually enjoy the best of camp utilities, like beds, kit etc. Want my advise! go for the down bunk

5. Avoid bed space near the entrance, as your belongings can easily get stolen. Bed space close to the toilet is also a no no. the smell is usually unpleasant and you wouldn’t want to subject yourself to the for 3 whole weeks.

6. Try and join OBS. You can sometimes escape some boring activities especially those hot afternoon parade practice…. But i would say you avoid joining band because you will be made to practice day and night. If you want your beauty sleep and relaxation, avoid Man O War.

7. Queuing up is another fun killing part of camp. You queue for food, to bath, to register and other activities. My advice is get a water bottle to stay hydrated. If you step out of the queue, you are on your own.

8. Lectures might be long and boring but not all. So get airpods or an mp3 player to help you stay sane.

9. Mosquito nets are quite useful as they can serve as a protective measure for you belongings , also they can hide you from officers.

10. On one account should you over-slim fit your khaki, your khaki might get torn during the obstacle drilling. you can always slim fit your khaki after camp.

11. Just respect the soldiers and officials else camp will be a living hell experience from you .And don’t form over-familiarity with them else you calling for trouble especially the Ladies. I am sure you know what I am talking about.


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