$100,000 income not enough to start a family, says Nigerian man living in USA

A US-based Nigerian man simply known Ochuko, has said that a parent earning $100,000 is not enough to raise a family.

He came to the conclusion after disclosing that the daycare bill he paid for two of his children in 2023 is was a whopping $44K (Approximately N42million).

Ochuko, with Twitter username, @NacksonD said the reality of catering for a family with kids is why married people keep laugh quietly whenever the converstion about women not wanting to share bills come up.

The man said a family needs both parents to be earning income and taking part in handling bills for there to be stability.

In his words; “Our daycare bill for 2023 was $44,000 for two kids. Mind you one of them is a 4 year old not an infant.

This is why when some idiots on Twitter talk about not wanting to pay bills, married people with kids just laugh and keep scrolling.. you need a solid two income household.

I post about the high cost of daycare about 2-3 times a year and the reaction is always the same. Search my tweets you’ll see lol.

The kids were off the week between Xmas and new year and guess what?? We still had to pay.. that was about $900 for both for NOT ATTENDING.. let me make myself a drink.

Let me just add this for the single people or anyone planning on having kids… get your money up! Find a partner that makes good money! You’re making $100k now as a single person? Cool. That $100k won’t be enough for u to take care of a family of 1-2 kids if your spouse is a SAH

Some have suggested having one of the parents stay home. Let’s dive in deeper. Unless one parent makes about the same or less than what daycare costs, it isn’t a good idea. That person will be out of the workforce for years and may have a hard time getting back in Others, especially my fellow Africans, have suggested bringing someone from back home to watch the kids.

Not a bad idea but it has its down sides. If you and that family member (or stranger) clash, it could make for an uncomfortable situation for everyone involved.”