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10 ways to get a girl of your choice



You’ve seen this girl a couple of times around the vicinity. You are desperate to have her as your girlfriend because she is pretty, sexy, curvy and all that.

But you are confused. You don’t know what to do. Maybe, all the attempts you’ve made to get a girl was not successful.

The truth is this, getting a girl to be your friend is not a hard deal as most guys think it to be. Girls are humans and they also have feelings and the most interesting thing is that they need a guy to emotionally care for them.

Most girls love to be with a guy who is able to meet the requirements, and if these requirements are not met, then they forget about you.

To get a girl of your dream, you must learn to be open to yourself, know what you want and make up your mind to get it.

As a guy, you should also be open to rejection. Don’t expect you are going to get a girl in one talk.  She might turn down your request at first, but as long as you are open to rejection, it won’t hurt that bad.

Here is how to get that girl of your choice

1. Be your real self

Many guys want to show off what they are not, which is bad. If you really love a girl and wants to have her, don’t pretend to be what you are not. Girls like it when a guy is real and not faking something else.

Expose who you are and that would give her more courage to believe you.

2. Approach her

It’s often said that if you are desperate for something, you just have to go after it. Don’t just sit on your chair and wait for that dream-girl to come for you; get up and go for her.[AdSense-A]

3. Speak your mind

Don’t let shyness stop you from saying what is in your heart. Do you love the girl? If you do, let her know and don’t be late about it. It’s a free world and nothing should stop you from expressing yourself.

4. Show interest

There is every chance that she will turn down your request the first time but if you keep showing your interest in her, she would see how serious and committed you are and probably give in.

5. Be a gentleman in words

As you approach the girl, how do you talk to her? The way and manner you speak matters a lot; it tells more about you. A nice tone with an educated vocabulary would do.

You don’t have to attend the best University in the world to be perfect in this; read literature and vocabulary books, watch a romantic movie and practice speaking well. And I tell you, with your words well arranged and charming would get that dream-girl you desire.

6. Be a confident guy

I once met a guy who told me that he wasn’t getting the right attention he needs from a particular girl. I looked at him very well and saw how unsteady he was when speaking to his fellow guy- I knew that he wasn’t bold enough to stand before girls.

You love this girl; nothing stops you from looking straight into her eyes and speak with confidence to her. Don’t lower your head while speaking to her.

Learn to be a man and face your fears. If you can’t stand for yourself, how possible can you stand for a girl? Girls like it when a guy is confident of himself; that gives them an assurance that they would be secured in the hands of that guy.

7. Be open-minded

Your dream-girl will truly appreciate it if your mind is open to her. Nothing should be hidden and don’t ever act as if there is a hidden agenda.

8. Make her smile

You can put up a joke or tell her funny stories that would brighten her day and get her smiling and laughing.

In doing so, she sees you as someone who would be there to always put smiles on her face. Learn to be funny and don’t frown.

9. Learn to exercise

If you are too fat, exercise and lose weight and build up some muscle. Most girls detest fat and ‘piggy’ looking guys. A girl would likely jump into your arms if you care well for your body. And also, mind what you eat to avoid getting fat and losing that precious girl.

10. Don’t be outdated

Girls are in need of guys who are current and up-to-date. So, if you are still having that ‘old fashion’ mentality, drop it and be current. Give her the latest gist and happenings that would liven her day. Get in tune with the modern ways of life and the girl would be happy that she is going to have someone who is not leaving in the past.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Odu uchechukwu

    October 23, 2020 at 6:06 am

    What if you have the girl already but she is in a distance were you only communicat with her but at a time you are the only one that always call to no how she is doing, she never call you like wen the both of you started what will you do in such situation.

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