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6 things you should never put inside your microwave



When you’re constantly in a haste to get things done that we most times endanger our lives and properties. A lot of people have lost 30% of their facial beauty or body parts due to microwave exploding on their faces. A necessity of microwave safety is knowing what does and doesn’t belong in the appliance. 

Here are a few of the things you should NEVER put in your microwave.

6. Paper bags

Paper bags contain harmful and explosive toxins. When released they can be harmful and could potentially catch fire or even explode. You should never put this in your microwave.

5. Eggs

Imagine by passing your stove and gas and reaching for your microwave to boil eggs. This is one of the most insane mistake made by random people. It is best you boil your eggs using your gas or stove. Putting eggs in the microwave will likely cause the eggs to explode. Eggs also made the list of things you should never put in your microwave.

4. Hot peppers

For reasons i really don’t understand, people microwave pepper. Most especially fresh pepper.The heat from the cooking can release chemicals that can burn your eyes. This chemicals are released straight into your eyes when you open the microwave door. Never ever put hot pepper inside your microwave.

3. Lidless Containers

This is one of the most common mistakes made by random people. Everyone is in a haste to heat up food and end up throwing in a lidless plate inside the microwave. It is recommended you cover your food before placing it in the microwave. The heat released while warming your food can cause your microwave to detonate.

2. Aluminum Foil

close up of an aluminum foil on white background

All microwave’s interior are actually made of metal. When metal is placed inside a microwave, the waves are reflected off of the item, causing the aluminum foil to burn rapidly and ignite. The aluminum foil can catch fire.

1. Stainless steel mugs/bottles

A travel mug should not make its final destination into your microwave, as tempting as this might seem, it must be avoided by all means. Many people microwave mugs not realizing they’re made of stainless steel which does not belong in the microwave. Because of the metal that’s part of your microwave’s construction, steel cups will inhibit your beverage from being heated and potentially cause friction from the energy being emitted. 

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