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10 Businesses You Can Start With N30,000 In Nigeria

There are hundreds of business ideas available for everyone in Nigeria but not all of them can be started with affordable capital by the disadvantaged individuals. This article will put you at an advantage if you happen to come across little sum of money you wish to use and start a business.

For someone that has N30,000 in their possession, the 10 businesses outlined here are some you can consider starting today.

1. Akara

Are you someone who is looking for a small job to do and have a little change in your account, you can consider frying and selling of akara. People doing NYSC can even set up this business with their N33,000 allowance and have someone selling it for them while they go to their PPA.

The capital one needs to start an akara business is cheap and this is why the business is mostly chosen by people who have little money. With as little as N5,000 to N20,000 you can start a successful akara business in Nigeria and it all depends on the equipment you have, wish to buy and the volume of akara you wish to produce daily or weekly.

2. Popcorn

Many people love eating corn, as well as its byproduct – popcorn. Which is why it is a good business to consider. Workers eat it in the office, students eat it in school, residents use it as a past time snack, so you are guaranteed to always have customers once you choose a strategic location.

The great thing about starting a popcorn business is that it is a low cost venture. What that means is you can purchase the necessary production equipment and ingredients with N30,000. They include; small popcorn machine, polythene, kernel (corn), butter, groundnut oil, sugar, salt and flavor. Small popcorn machine costs 12k, Umbrella – N2k, Bag of popcorn – N7k. You can sell it from your house, but you must print fliers or posters to inform people that you are into the business or you can set up an umbrella in an open space.

3. Kunu

The kunu business is one that requires paying rapt attention to detail so that you can get the right taste during the processing stage. However, if you wish to start this venture in Nigeria, the essential items for the production can be purchased with N10,000 to N30,000, which covers equipment like; funnel and cups, small grinding machine, ice block cooler and bowls. Also ingredients like millet or sorghum, potatoes, ginger, sugar, cloves (konofiri) and groundnut or dates can be gotten with part of that money.

4. Phone Accessories

Do you know that with N30,000 you can buy a wheelbarrow or wooden mobile stand, chargers, earpiece, USB cords, phone pouches etc, and these are the items you need if the intention is to start selling phone accessories.

These items can be purchased in bulk, after which you do your calculation to know how much you need to sell them in retail. There is always an option to go online with the business and advertise to social media users.

5. POS Business

This can be done in low income neighbourhoods where the average resident survives on N1,000 to N3,000 daily.

With N30,000 you can start a POS business and set it up in your place of residence where you make between N6,000 to 12,000 daily. Most banks give POS machines to merchants free of charge but there are criteria that must be met before one can be eligible.

6. Arts & Crafts

As a creative individual, you can put your fingers or talented hands into good use by making finely crafted beads, bangles, sculpture, etc. To start an arts and craft business may cost around N25,000.
To make the best items, source for quality materials from reputable dealers or platforms.

7. Fruit Business

To start selling fruits on a small scale, you need about N15,000 depending on the variety of fruits you wish to focus on. Some examples of fruits you can sell are; oranges, pineapple, watermelon, pawpaw, apple, banana.

8. Bottled & Sachet Water

Many people are unaware that they can start selling packaged cold water with N30k capital. Importantly, this is applicable in any part of Nigeria. The item you need to get started are a big cooler or basin, umbrella (if you wish to be stationary), ice block to keep the drinks chilled.

9. Recharge card

222 million people use mobile phones in Nigeria, so this makes the sale of recharge cards a lucrative business. One can become a recharge card seller with N10,000. You just have to find a wholesaler and buy a variety of recharge cards in bulk based on the network and prices, which you then resell.

10. Mini Importation

This refers to the business of buying products from China or any other country that produces certain goods at cheap prices, importing them to Nigeria, and then selling them for profits.

When it was first started by some forward-thinking entrepreneurs years ago, it would have been a business that requires a large sum of money to go into, but that is no longer the case with the arrival of internet and social media. People with little amounts can go into mini importation business.

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