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10 Best Hospitals In Nigeria

A hospital is an institution which provides medical and surgical treatment as well as nursing care to ailing, injured or physically and mentally challenged people. Health should not be played with, which is why it is very important for people to get access to quality healthcare and the major way that can be done is knowing the right hospitals to visit.

This article contains the 10 most recommended public and private hospitals in Nigeria that are sought after because of the health-related services they offer. There are some specialist hospitals, meaning that they focus on specific health problems, and they may not offer services relating to other health issues.

Some of the best hospitals in Nigeria are government-funded but most of them are private-owned. Private hospitals have world class equipment, highly trained medical professionals, render quality service and are known for ease of service delivery.

Here are the 10 best hospitals in Nigeria according to the latest ranking by wefinder and they have been compiled in descending order.

10. The Limi Hospital

The Limi Hospital located in Abuja is one of the few private hospitals with efficient patient care facilities in various departments, including general surgery, orthopedics, gynecology and family medicine.

It was established in 1982 with the aim of redefining the Nigerian healthcare system with an emphasis on the ‘care component’ of instituting therapies and beyond therapy, to include health promotion and disease prevention.

Its departments include; The Limi Multi-Specialty Hospital. The Limi Diagnostic and Wellness Centre and The Limi Children’s Hospital, and Cardiocare Cardiovascular Hospital.

9. Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Abeokuta

Federal Medical Center, Abeokuta is one of the 22 Federal Medical Centers established in Nigeria and ranked as one of the best.

Established in April 1993, the multi-specialty institution provides top-tier medical services to the inhabitants of Ogun State and other neighboring states. It is situated on a 750-bed facility and boasts of over 50 specialists in various fields of medicine.

8. St. Catherine’s Specialist Hospital, Abuja

St. Catherine’s Specialist Hospital situated in Abuja and Port Harcourt, Rivers state, is a multi-specialty institution. Although the first branch was established in 1999 with a 10-bed facility, it has recorded tremendous success in quality healthcare delivery.

St. Catherine’s Specialist Hospital (Abuja branch) was established in 2016. It offers services in the following areas; Gynecology, Urology, Antenatal care, and Family medicine. The professionalism and high operational standards in handling the Covid-19 outbreak cases in 2020 earned the hospital its stripes among the top most hospitals.

The areas of medical specialty it covers include; Diagnostics (ECG, Fluoroscopy, Ultrasound, x-RAY), Conduct laboratory testing (Hematology, Medical Microbiology). Surgeries (Plastics, Eyes, Maxillofacial, Urology).

7. The University of Port-Harcourt Teaching Hospital (UPTH)

The University of Port-Harcourt Teaching Hospital located in Nigeria’s Niger Delta region commenced operations in 1980 and was officially commissioned in 1985 with only 60 beds available.

However, the hospital has since undergone a remarkable improvement in structure and human resources since. UPTH now boasts of an 800-bed facility with many specialist doctors providing efficient healthcare to its patients.

The specialised departments include; Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Nuclear Medicine, Neuropsychiatry, Dentistry, Medical Microbiology, Hematology, etc.

6. Reddington Hospital

The Reddington Hospital was commissioned in 2006 as a multi-specialist hospital to provide people with world-class healthcare services. Its first office was in Victoria Island, but it has since added eight other specialist centres in Lagos.

This hospital attends to medical needs in the areas of; Radiology, Pediatrics, Gynecology, Ophthalmology, and Renal Dialysis. Reddington is reputed for having world-class digital medical facilities and track record in handling sensitive cases in the healthcare sector. This institution established the first digital catheterization facility in Nigeria. Reddington hospital also prides itself on performing the first closure in the heart in a child using a non-surgical modern technology.

It is also the first private hospital in the country to be awarded full international accreditation on quality by the Council for Health Service Accreditation of South Africa (COHSASA).

5. EKO Hospital

The Eneli Kuku Obiora (EKO) Hospital is a private teaching hospital and a tertiary institution, housing a 40-bedded secondary healthcare facility in Surulere, Lagos. It is the first hospital to be cited on the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange, NSE.

This health institution is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and some of the best-trained specialists in Nigeria. They offer a wide range of services, such as; Angiography, Prostate Screening, Tomography, Radiotherapy, Psychiatric Testing, and Comprehensive Health Screening. It is also recognized as one of the best heart hospitals in Nigeria due to its exploits and successes in cardiology.

4. St. Nicholas Hospital

St. Nicholas Hospital is known for performing the first kidney transplant, the first renal transplantation treatment and the first pediatric kidney transplant in West Africa.

It is a private multi-specialty healthcare institution in Lagos that ensures quality and consistency in all medical sectors regarding equipment, personnel and operational standards. After many years of making great strides in orthopedics and orthopedic surgery, many consider the hospital the best orthopedic hospital in Nigeria. St. Nicholas Hospital also has three other branches in Lagos, namely Lekki Free Zone, Victoria Island, and Maryland.

3. Lagoon Hospital

Lagoon Hospital is a world class private hospital in Nigeria established in 1986 with a known patient-first approach to handling cases. This private health institution is one of the largest hospitals in Nigeria. It has six world-class branches in different parts of Lagos – Apapa, Ikeja, Victoria Island, Ikoyi – with the one at Apapa being the flagship hospital.

It is the first hospital in the Sub-Saharan region accredited and re-accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI). It is important to note that Lagoon hospital holds the reputation of being one of the best neurosurgery hospitals in Nigeria.

2. Sacred Heart Hospital

The Sacred Heart Hospital was established in 1895 by the Roman Catholic Church’s Society of African Missions (SMA) in Lantoro, Abeokuta. It is believed to be the first healthcare institution in Nigeria. Sacred Heart has branches in Lagos, Abia and some other states.

Some of their featured services include; Radiology, Neonatology, Dentistry and Kidney dialysis. This outstanding institution is also an accredited center for medical personnel training in the science of Medicine and Nursing.

1. University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan

The University College Hospital (UCH) is a federal teaching hospital attached to the first tertiary institution in Nigeria – the University of Ibadan. The prestigious health institution was commissioned on November 20, 1957, with 500-bed spaces.

UCH currently has 1229 bed spaces with 163 examination couches. Many hospitals and healthcare professionals refer patients and cases they can’t handle to UCH for better healthcare services.


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