Nigerian Yahoo Boy breaks down in tears after being arrested in Kenya

Nigerian Yahoo Boy breaks down in tears after being arrested in Kenya

Yesterday, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) Detectives in Kenya arrested two Nigerians identified as Uduebor Uche Folorunsho and Adebowale Oluwafemi, and one Tanzanian for allegedly involving in electronic fraud in the country. According to reports, local banks in Kenya were defrauded of huge amount of money by the 3 culprits. The reports revealed that most of the money defrauded from the local banks were withdrawn outside of Kenya.

The following items were confiscated from the suspects:ATM cards, Laptops,Cheque books among other exhibits. The suspects are currently in lawful custody and will be arraigned in court on Monday.

That is that, in another gist; A Nigerian man who is a student of a University in Ilorin has taken to the internet to narrate how he found N106,000 on the roadside. Taking to a popular online Nigerian forum, he wrote:

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Good evening here and happy Friday.

I am student of one of the University here at ilorin and i am into fabric business to help myself

Yesterday, as i was coming back from school; a customer ordered for a fabric and i went to delivered it to her so on my way back home, it’s already like 6pm.

I decided to branch at a friend house who stay around the area i went to delivered the fabric but unfortunately, I couldn’t meet her at home and her number was not reachable so i decided to trek abit maybe we would meet on the road as the time is around 6:30pm and she isn’t the type who stay out for long.

After i pass like 3 buildings to her house, I saw a transparent black nylon near the road (it has almost felt inside the gutter) so i passed it and my instincts told me that was a money from the way it look, I went back to check what was inside the nylon and was so surprised to see a bundle of money wrap together.

I picked it up and waited for like 30 minutes in that spot to see if anyone will pass claiming he or she was looking for lost money. After like 30minutes; no one show signs of searching for any lost money.

it’s already getting late around 7pm, so i took bike to my house .

Getting home, I opened the nylon and counted the money and it was 106,000

I was feeling somehow and thinking of the condition the person would be because the money look like that of those traders based on the way it was wrapped together so i left my house early in the morning today to that same spot maybe the person might appear or i would see anyone talking about lost money but everyone were busy with their business so i left back home with the money.

The reason why i created this thread is to hear your advice on what to do with the money because part of me is telling me to give the needy the money , another part of me is telling me to use the money on my business and also get a small phone from it because the one i am using presently isn’t that good and i need some cash for my business as well.

Please i will really appreciate your suggestions.