Nigerian soldier cries out after his girlfriend secretly married while he was facing Boko Haram

Nigerian soldier cries out after his girlfriend secretly married while he was facing Boko Haram

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A Nigerian soldier has taken to social to cry out after his girlfriend secretly got married while he was out fighting Boko Haram.

According to the young Nigerian soldier who took to his Instagram page to lament, they started dating 4 years ago but after he left home 2 years to fight Boko Haram and never returned, she got married to someone else.

He wrote on Instagram;

We started dating 4yrs ago ad i went away fr 2years without coming home.she never told me she cld’nt wait anymore.i was hoping on coming home Smeday ad make her smile again.but i woke up dis morning with pictures of her wedding…dame,i cried o but i gotta be a man fr myself,hrtbreak ain’t allowed here..

That is that… However in another gist, Davido’s relationship with Chioma may be undergoing some crises as Chioma has allegedly deleted her Instagram account after Davido took to social media to celebrate his 2 baby mamas.

Yea, it’s been a while we heard from, Chioma.. and we then took a stroll down her Instagram page, to catch up and know what’s happening in her life.. and Alas!!! Her page was no where to be found… Thus the speculations.

Chioma is a very private person.. She was kept hidden for a while until Davido made her public after he dedicated a song, “Assurance” to her, and even bought her a brand new porsche.

Ever since then, Chioma has been exposed to the Social media world, and we saw more of her on Social media.. Her Instagram page even skyrocketed with thousands of new followers following her account. She even nabbed a multi-million endorsement for a cooking show.

However, surprisingly, as at the time of filing this report, Chioma is no where to be found on Instagram.. Her verified Instagram account, with the handle, @thechefchi is deleted off Instagram.. It returns the error, “Content Unavailable”, this is a general error for “Deactivated accounts” or “Accounts that has been deleted by Instagram themselves”.

Now, lets take you back a bit..

Recall, On Christmas Day, Chioma revealed via her Insta story, that it was her worst day ever… But her boyfriend, Davido, partied hard in Owerri.

The couple, reunited for his Lagos concert on the 27th of December when he brought her up on stage during his performance.

Again, not too long, Davido took to his page to hail his two baby mamas, Amanda and Sophia, for coming together to form some sort of friendship, all for the sake of their kids.

Shortly after that post, it was noticed that Chioma’s account had disappeared……

Meanwhile, there has been no sign of her on Davido’s pages either as he celebrated New Year’s Day in Uganda and didn’t take her along as he usually does .

There have been many theories as to why it was deleted. Some say she must have fallen out with Davido and decided to go offline, others say maybe a scandal is brewing and she has decided to save herself the embarrassment by going away.

Others have also said Davido posting his baby mamas on Instagram may be an indication all was not well in his relationship as he has never done that since he started dating Chioma .