“You have judged me and found me guilty” – A ‘Yahoo Boy’ writes

“You have judged me and found me guilty” – A ‘Yahoo Boy’ writes

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Recall last month we brought you a story of a young Nigerian man identified as Scofield O Idehen on Facebook who wrote a lovely piece about “Yahoo boys” READ DETAILS.

Scofield has received a reply from a yahoo boy who also wrote a lovely piece to defend yahoo boy.

He wrote:


You talk about us like you know how we live, you speak about our dream like you sleep on the same bed, using the same pillow our tears wet in the night while we pursue our clients with touch and candle.

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We pursue our dream with our eyes wide open knowing we either make it with or without our kidneys last last, its my own i used, I don’t know about the others.

You talk about aspiration as if you saw my university result with a first class written, signed by the provost yet the happiness of my mum was caught short by the fact that my slot was given to that politician son who rides a power bike.

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You talk about how we spend money, its the only thing that keeps some of us sane from the pain of the blame we live in everyday just so we could live like Davido and buy shoes like hushpuppi.

Wish you know how hard the girl on the couch begged to have me so her mom could live another day, she 
was a virgin too.

My hair style is my identity card, telling me like Samson I could deliver my people but codeine has made me blind, how do I see the pillar as tramadol like delilie has made me blue.

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I cry at night because I once said I wanted to be a police while I sit behind an hilux, transferring half of my loot to a friend who is putting on black

I know I would meet my creator someday on this fast lane, I hope he understands, because I know you have judged me 
and found me guilty.

I hope to do better but I have no regrets

Our country failed us