Former flight attendant reveals the shameful things passengers do on a flight

Former flight attendant reveals the shameful things passengers do on a flight

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A former flight attendant identified as Shawn Kathleen has launched an Instagram page to reveal the shameful things passengers do on a flight..

According to her, a man who set his own hair on fire while attempting to smoke crack cocaine mid-flight was among a huge number of shameless passengers she had encountered.

‘I just felt like I needed to rant about the crazy stuff that was happening on board,’ she said.

Now she gets sent pictures and videos from horrified travelers and other flight attendants across the world to be featured on the Passenger Shaming page she has run for 11 years.

A number show people putting filthy bare feet in other passengers’ personal spaces, while others show passengers flinging their hair over seat backs and onto food trays behind them.

In a number of videos, horrified passengers film as their aisle neighbours clip finger and toenails. Strange items left in seat pockets included old dirty sandals, an entire steak meal and even hair extensions.

A couple of men even believed a packed public flight was the perfect environment to strip off and watch porn.

One man attempted to shield his screen by turning it away from the aisle, only to have the X-rated image on his screen reflected in the window behind him.

During long haul flights, some passengers work out, put their feet up on armrests and even get changed in front of others.

Shawn told Australian breakfast show Sunrise:

‘I feel like it’s happening everywhere. We get a lot of photos of things happening in the terminal and obviously on the aircraft itself.

‘I don’t necessarily buy into “we don’t have enough space” – it’s an excuse to say that there’s an issue that we can’t behave like proper human beings.’

She added:

‘People think that they spend an X amount of money on a flight so that entitles them to treat the aircraft as they wish.

‘Unfortunately, the aircraft is not your living room and you’re on public transportation you’re not on a private jet. So keep the personal grooming personal.’