Charles Okpaleke, Mr Jollof and others vow to sponsor little girl who was chased away from school over unpaid school fees till her University level

Charles Okpaleke, Mr Jollof and others vow to sponsor little girl who was chased away from school over unpaid school fees till her University level

Yesterday, a little girl went viral after she was filmed ranting about being chased from school for not paying her school fees.

When asked why she wasn’t in school, the little girl revealed that she was sent home for not paying school fees. She even ranted that her school authorities should have instead flogged her and let her stay in school, rather than chase her home.

Touched by the sad situation, Many Nigerians have vow to do something about the situation.

Abuja entrepreneur, Charles ‘charlesofplay’ Okpaleke took to his Instagram to repost the viral video and pledged that he’ll sponsor her education till her university level.

‘Who can genuinely track down the little girls parents! I’ll pay her school fees till she’s done with University… and I know God would keep providing for me to accomplish it!’


Please who can locate this child for me ? I will give her scholarship till she graduates from university 💯💯💯 Please anyone with useful information should contact me THANK YOU

Who knows this little girl? Please hit me up. Nobody go flog you and we go find way pay if na School fees one cause quarrel.

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OAP Toke Makinwa;

I am so sick to my stomach watching this. No child should be put under pressure, no child should be humiliated and made to suffer for wanting a better life. I’ve often wondered why flogging students who can’t pay or chasing them back home or in some cases publishing their names or calling them out on assembly ground is necessary, what point are you trying to prove? Embarrass their parents? Damage their self esteem, make them a laughing stock amongst their peers??? Of what use is this act exactly? Oh you flog or send them home so their parents can feel bad and embarrassed till they find the money right?

What is the child’s offense? Do they have a source of livelihood? Why do they have to suffer? Did they ask to be born?? It has been happening from time in memorial and I think it’s time we spoke against it. Why dehumanize them? Why embarrass them? Why flog them when they clearly can’t work to afford the school fees? Why??! I understand schools need money, I understand that some of these schools are not government owned and need funding to stay open but this is a shame, we must do something about it.

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What happened to dialogue with the parents? What happened to working out a payment plan???? This young princess is the leader of tomorrow and her bravery and enthusiasm broke me, that should encourage them to nurture her and not break her down. Even if we find her confidence funny, her self esteem is being bruised by the school authorities who believe they have to flog her cos her parents can’t pay them to teach her. Sad ? ???

Pls let’s join hands in saving the situation, pls anyone who can connect with her family or any school interested in giving her a scholarship, let’s stop this barbaric act it’s disgusting”.

Wale Gates

The school sent her home cos her parents haven’t paid her school fees, lil girl said she prefers to stay back at school and get flogged instead of being sent home daily for non-payment. #warri #Nigeria

The whole system doesn’t give one any hope. The state schools are underfunded or not funded at all thanks to corruption, low income families have no choice than to send their kids to sub standard mushroom private school that they can’t afford.

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Maybe the Governor should spend more time making sure the lil children in his state don’t have to make sad choices between being sent home from school or brutalized at school.

People on instablog9ja think it’s funny…How is this funny?

While its gr8 that people want to look 4her & help her pay her school fees, Bless ur hearts 🙌🏿 I dnt believe we 🇳🇬can continue with this gofundme healthcare, gofundme education. Its wonderful 2help her & u shld but it must include a demand for elected officials 2do dir paid jobs.

Oil producing state…. Under funds Education. What can go wrong?
Stop letting the position on WAEC results table fool you that your state is working.

Someone has been able to get in contact with the lil girl. 🇳🇬+234 701 051 4171 @GovIfeanyiOkowa How many more kids in the school are having to decide whether to get beaten or get sent home? Disclaimer: PLEASE CONFIRM BEFORE SENDING ANYTHING.