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My analysis of Actress Dorcas Shola ‘attempted rape by a Taxify driver’ story, comparing both stories, video evidence and outlining things that didn’t follow (Who is lying?) – Correct Bro



In the early hours of yesterday, we brought you a story of a Taxify driver, Henry Nnaemaka, who allegedly attempted to rape Nollywood actress, Dorcas Shola, just as she shared it on social media.

The actress who is popular for a role she played on MTV’s Shuga took to the social media to narrate how she narrowly escaped an alleged kidnap and rape by the aforementioned Taxify driver.[AdSense-B]


In a series of posts, she said;

“He fully locked me in his car & drove to a random house then tried to drag me into”
“Thank GOD I alwayssss have my Pepper spray!! Emptied that shit in his eyes!!! Like wtf?!”
“I’m home now guys, I’m fine. But I was fuvking shaking!”

She received comments from users and followers who pitied her and also applauded her for her courage to fight back. The story has taken a new turn now. Taxify company responded yesterday saying they have suspended Henry Nnaemeka’s account and access to their Taxify platform, and that their lawyers have petitioned the Nigerian Police and State Intelligence Bureau to take up the matter.

Henry Nnaemaka, the accused Taxify driver, took to the social media also to share his own side of the story. He wrote;

Let me start by saying thank you all for your support so far. However, my name is Henry Nnaemeka and I’m neither a Rapist nor a Kidnapper. This is my Story. I’m a taxify driver/partner.

On Thursday the 25th of January 2018 between the hours of 12midnight and 1am I was on my way home from work when I received a taxify rider request from a Ibrahim Eletu way which was coincidentally where I was at that time and also same estate I stay. I decided to take that last trip before I go home to rest.

“On getting to the pick-up location To pick up the rider (Miss Shola Fapson) she got In my vehicle and just as I started the trip I noticed there wasn’t a destination for the trip so I politely asked her for the destination to know where I’m going to and if it will be convenient for me at that time of the night but she refused to tell me andinstead asked me to drive out that she will tell me later.”

“I politely refused and asked severally for the destination but she wouldn’t tell me rather she ordered me in a harsh tone to “Move this car”! On hearing this, I was surprised why she would hold back her destination from me and also ordered me to move the car. It was at this point I told her I wasn’t going anymore.”

“I ended the trip immediately and asked her to come down from the car since we were still at the pick-up location but to my Greatest surprise she refused to come down and then started making some phone calls in Yoruba Language to some people whom I didn’t know disclosing our location to them. At this point, I got scared and was trying to be on the safe side so I drove the car to the front where the estate had a security light which was a few seconds from the pickup ocation.”

“On getting to the safe place, I came down from the car and politely opened the door and gently asked her to come down from the car. She blatantly refused again and started with her phone cals again.”

“It was at this point I overheard her conversation on the phone saying she has my car keys and gave out location again tothe unknown person at the other end of the phone. I felt really threatened at this point because I couldn’t understand why she would take my car keys and then disclose our location to people I didn’t know. I had to struggle with her to get my car keys from her hands. It was in the process of struggling with her, She sprayed a chemical substance (pepper spray) in my eyes.”

“I succeeded in getting my keys from her but before I could struggle with my sight and call for help she took off and was nowhere to be found. Some concerned residents and my sisters who heard me shout and call for help came to my rescue.”

“It took me about 45 mins to regain my siht clearly and was taken to my apartment to get some rest only for me to wake up this morning and receive loads of phone calls from friends and family saying I’ve been labelled a KIDNAPPER AND RAPIST. However, the issue has been reported to Taxify and the necessary steps have been taken as shown in their press release.”

“I want to use this medium to thank you family and friends who stood with me in this bad time and also state that I respect women and i am totally against any form of abuse against women.
Thank you all.”[AdSense-B]

Following this narration by Henry, the social media community got back at Dorcas, with many calling her a liar and other names. She then released a video evidence to further support her claims. Watch video below;

Haven stated out their respective stories as shared on the social media by them, below is my analysis.

NOTE: This analysis is fully based on the stories shared above… I am not an expert/professional on crime analyzing… Thus, this analysis should only be seen as my comment on the matter, taking into account their shared stories.

I will be giving more attention to the video clip shared by Dorcas and compare it to their claims.


It is worth noting that the shared video was edited as some parts of the video which would have shown vita evidences to support a rape claim was missing or maybe trimmed off. Also, a part of the video where the driver was seen standing outside the car, obviously saying something, with Dorcas inside the car was muted.

Some facts can be established from their stories owing to what the video presented;  The driver drove to the front of a gate and came down; We can’t tell if he went to open the gate as Dorcas claimed or he went straight to open the car door as he said in his own story as this part of the video was missing. The video didn’t also show the part where she collected the car keys, but that fact can be established as they both agreed to it in their different epistles.

I would say that it is understandable for one to result in a bit of violence or struggle to recover his car key if another person seizes it like Dorcas did, and I wouldn’t see that as a rape attempt, if it is true, just because it involved a male and female…

Dorcas said she was frightened and feared a kidnap when the driver was driving towards the gate, but from the video she appeared very relaxed and was recording. More so, the driver opened his car door and left without closing it. It should be worth noting that for someone who is fearing a rape and kidnap attempt, this would have been the best chance to make an escape attempt, she could even move to the driver’s seat, lock the doors from inside and drive off in a bid to escape, but she didn’t… Rather, she went for the car key, sat back and waited for him to go open the gate as she claimed and then came back to attempt to drag her inside. That is questionable.

Dorcas also said in the video that he tried to drag her out of the car by her waist and then she pepper sprayed him to make him move back. She didn’t say how she handed back the key to him, whether by will or through a forceful measure by Henry which could also be when she pepper sprayed too as Henry claimed.

After being pepper sprayed, it is understandable for one to get bitter and result in violence to retaliate which may not necessarily be a rape or kidnap.

She said she tried to get out and Henry refused and pressed the door against her leg… The video showed Henry with his hands on the door, but didn’t show the leg that was pressed against. What was said in this part of the video was muted when Henry was talking but only regained the sound when she talked (Why?)… Henry claimed he was telling her to come down… What was seen was Henry standing outside the car, and Dorcas inside with no form of struggle or violence until she pepper sprayed him from the inside of the car. Meanwhile, no rapist nor kidnapper would be comfortable with you recording him on camera while he is carrying out his unlawful act. This part is also questionable.

Finally, Henry must have been a very big idiot to try to kidnap and rape a customer who booked him via Taxify as he is fully aware that his details would be available and he could be traced or maybe he is sex sick.



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